Stainton Institute Progress

Charity status was obtained in August 2008, Charity Number 1125601

Planning and listed building consent has been obtained. As the building is a Listed Building, a proportion of rebuilding costs will be zero rated.

The negotiated sale with the URC has been signed.

Although disappointed that we failed in our Lottery bid we are very committed to obtaining funds from multiple sources.

Peter Fox has volunteered his time to create and maintain an Institute website.

Anyone interested in joining the Committee and attending meetings or just helping in any way, please contact , Secretary Carol Wilson or Treasurer
Hilary Waterhouse .




Charity No: 1125601

Annual Report 01.01.2017 to 31.12.2017


Chairman David Coates

Treasurer Freda Kitching

Geoff Wilson, vice-chairman

Carol Wilson, secretary


The Charity is managed by a committee of 8 people appointed at the AGM which held 10 meetings during the year plus the AGM in March.†


The main aims of the Charity are:

Provision of a building for services/activities for the benefit of residents of Stainton Parish (Kendal), including Education, Leisure Activities and Entertainment without distinction of political, religious or other opinions;

Preservation of historic building listed grade ll;

Promotion and integration of measures and technologies into historic buildings to reduce carbon footprint and where possible to be a net exporter of energy by use of renewable energy generation.


The first decision undertaken by the Committee in 2017 was to decide to install a Natural Gas heating system instead of an air source heat pump. After consideration of the options, it was resolved to proceed with gas heating on the basis of cost. The arrangements were made to have gas and water connected and this has been done. The under floor pipe work and screeding has also been completed and the gas boiler connected so the hall can be kept aired during the winter. The kitchen and toilet areas have been divided with partition walls which have been plastered.†

A new sign saying STAINTON INSTITUTE has been fitted outside and been much admired.

A number of successful fundraising events were held during the year including a Cheese and Wine Evening at Lane Farm by kind permission of Westmorland County Agricultural Society and sponsored by Hilary and Glyn Waterhouse. The usual quiz night (by local request) and the ever popular duck race were also enjoyed by all who attended. The fund raising made a profit of £2195.† The Committee were also pleased to receive donations totalling £1075.

The accounts show that £11,791. were given in grants during the year.† These comprise a grant of £3,001 from Cumbria County Council, £2500 from The Hadfield Trust, £500 from The Lupton Tower Trust and £1150 from SLDC on behalf of Brenda Gray and Sheila Eccles. A flood grant of £4640 was awarded by SLDC to prevent ingress of water from the field into the building. The Frieda Scott Trust has promised £3500 toward the disabled access work, to be given when the target has been reached.

Further grant applications continue to be made, and those outcomes are awaited.† The main expenditure during the year was £30,662 for all the renovation work. The accounts show a balance of £23,382 of which £ 13883.90 is restricted funds.

.†† Mr Malcolm Oliphant has examined the accounts, and his donation of time is appreciated.

We would like to express thanks to all the Committee members past and present, who have done an enormous amount of work, much of which is unseen, but does not go unnoticed.† Thanks are also given to the entire Parish for their continued support to ensure the progression is maintained of this longstanding aim of providing a much needed community building available to everyone.




The trustees declare that they have approved the trusteesí report above.

Signed on behalf of the charityís trustees




Full name ††††††† Geoffrey Wilson

Position†††††† †† vice-chairman

Date† 23.01.18††††††

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