Stainton Institute

Stainton Institute adopted the Charity Commission Model Constitution on July 3rd 2008 and the following are the working rules to accompany the Constitution.

The aims and objectives of Stainton Institute are

 To identify the need and support of a Village Hall in the Parish of Stainton

 Any other charitable purposes that the Committee agrees will benefit the inhabitants of the Parish of Stainton

 To convert Stainton Chapel for community use and run it as a village hall.

 Management and Committee

1. Stainton Institute shall be managed by a Committee, which shall be made up of a maximum of 12 members, and upon its first meeting elect from these numbers the positions of Chair, Vice Chair,
Secretary and Treasurer. All Committee members shall retire at the Annual General Meeting, but may stand for immediate
re-election. Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer to be
appointed at the AGM.
2. The Committee shall meet a minimum of six times annually, or as may be required. The quorum for a Committee meeting necessary to transact business shall be no less than one third of the total number of members. A special meeting may be summoned by the Secretary at the request of the Chair or any two members, by giving at least seven days clear notice to all members.

3. At meetings of the Committee, the Chair, or if not present the Vice Chair, or if not present such other member elected for the purpose, shall take the Chair and in the case of equality of votes shall have a second, or casting vote. All decisions and actions
decided by the Committee shall be recorded on a minutes sheet.

4. The Committee may appoint such sub-committees as it may
consider necessary (e g fundraising, publicity) and empower such sub-committees to co-opt persons who are not members of the Committee, provided that the number of members of the
Committee on such sub-committees shall always exceed the
number of co-opted members thereon, and provided that the
proceedings of such sub-committees shall be reported back to the Committee as soon as possible. Sub-committees may carry out functions delegated by the Committee, but they do not have the power to authorise expenditure and should be given clear terms of reference. Co-opted members do not have voting rights.

B. Annual General Meeting
1. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held in March each year. Fourteen days notice will be given of the Agenda, date and time of the meeting to all Committee members. Notice of the AGM will be posted on Parish notice boards at least fourteen days before the meeting. Only residents and landowners of Stainton Parish are eligible to vote and be elected on to the committee and must be present at the meeting.

2. At each AGM, the Chair, and Treasurer will

 Report on previous years activities

 Give a financial report for the previous year

 This will be followed by the election of Chair, Vice-Chair,

 Secretary, Treasurer and the election of the Committee Members.

 Put forward any proposed amendments to this Constitution

 and/or any other properly notified business.

3. All decisions will be made by simple majority. In the case of equality of votes, the Chair shall have a second or casting vote.

4. The quorum for an AGM shall be no less than half the number of Committee members.

C. Finance

1. All funds raised by or on behalf of Stainton Institute will be used to further the aims of the group, and for any purposes set out by grant providers.

2. The Treasurer will keep proper records of the finances of the group, and allow independent checking of these records if requested.

3. Stainton Institute will hold its funds in a Building Society or Bank account. This account will be in the name of Stainton Institute, and two signatures will be required to authorise expenditure, two of the Treasurer, Chair and Secretary.

4. A report on the year's income and expenditure will be prepared and audited in time for each AGM. The financial year will run from first January to thirty first December in any year.

D. Amendments to Constitution

1. This Constitution may be altered by a resolution passed by not less than half of those eligible to vote at a properly notified and quorate AGM.

E. Dissolution

If the Committee Members consider that, on the grounds of
finance or otherwise, it is necessary or advisable to dissolve Stainton Institute, it will call a meeting of all residents giving not less than fourteen days notice of the resolution to be considered.

2. If such a decision is approved by a simple half majority of those residents present and voting, Stainton Institute will be dissolved.
3. If in such event Stainton Institute is dissolved, any such remaining assets will be transferred to an appropriate charity operating in the Parish of Stainton, and if no such charity, to Stainton Parish Council, or if stipulated returned to the grant provider.

Stainton Institute has the following policies:

 Health and Safety General Statement of Policy

 Access Policy

 Child Protection Policy and Vulnerable Adults Policy

 Equal Opportunities Policy

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